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Half-timbered building, a tractor and two BMW GSses
Romantic Germany at its best

You will find possibilities for accommodation in Germany in general on our page on Germany; on this page, we suggest specific places where to spend the night in Germany: places which we found especially agreeable.

On our page about places to sleep in Europe, you can find out what we like in hotels.

Here, we show you some of the places we found especially worthwhile during our trips to Germany. Of each place, we give you a short description of the rooms, the restaurant, the surroundings, and a map.

The photo shows Gasthaus Kellenbach, which is, as far as we know, now closed.


On this page:

Gasthaus Russenbräu in the Ober Pfalz

Your stay in the Gasthaus in Tiefenbach

Once, we came here for a lunch, and this Gasthaus not only made such an impression that it takes this plzae, at the top of this page, but also that we slept there for a couple of nights, years later, to our great satisfaction, Gasthof Russenbräu.

We arrived here for lunch on a cold and rainy day in the Ober Pfalz, just to the north of the Bayerischer Wald, and this place not only looks splendid on the outside, but was also very welcoming. The food we ate was very very tasteful.

There is not only a restaurant; the Gasthaus is also a hotel. In 2013, we decided to spend a couple of nights there. The rooms are very comfortable, and breakfast is delicious (it has the additional bonus of being served): this is really a very good hotel.

The building began it's life 100 years ago as a bakery, and got its name "Russenbäckerei" because of the bread which was often too dark as a result of the bad quality of the flour. So, when the bakery turned into a beer brewery, the name became "Russenbräu", which it kept when it became a Gasthof.

You can par your motorbike safely behind the building.

What to see

There are many interesting places in the very nearby Czech republic, like Domazlicke or the castle of Horsovdky Tyn. You could also pay a visit to the Dragon museum in Furth im Wald or to the beautiful city of Regensburg. And of course, you could visit one of the many glassworks at the German od the Czech side of the border.

Where to ride

This is what a stay here is about! There are all kinds of roads here, wide, fast roads or very narrow forest roads, all of them leading you through hilly country. You can wander through the hills and the woods at both sides of the border with Czech Republic. At the Czech side the roads are bumpy, full of potholes; at the German side, there is good tarmac.

At the Chech side there is the national park Sumava, at the German side it's called the Böhmerwald or Bayerischer Wald. It is a landscape of forests with meadows and some farmland in between, and sometimes a village: varied and enjoyable.

Travel story and review

You can find out more about Gasthof Russenbräu on our travel story to Romania, on day 3 (in Dutch).


Gasthof Russenbräu has a website:


Jerichower Landhof in Sachsen Anhalt

Your stay in the Jerichower Landhof in Schopsdorf

The yellow building you see is the local pub. You will enjoy your evening meal there, together with the people from the village. In the yellow building, you will also eat your incredibly extensive breakfast, and you will be urged to prepare a lunch packet from the ingredients.

The rooms are in the building on the left. You can park your bike in the courtyard, which will be closed for the night.

The local pub is really atmospheric, and the food is fresh and local very good prepared.

What to see

The city of Brandenburg is nearby, or you could visit the old city of Magdeburg which lies along the river Elbe.

Potsdam is also within easy reach.

Sachsen-Anhalt has many villages and small towns with Romanesque churches and other buildings. You can ride along the Strasse der Romanik to see many of them.

Where to ride

If you like small backroads, in farmland with some wood, this is a region where you can dwell and just see where you get.

Interesting also are the lakes like SchwieloSee or Blankensee.

Travel story and review

You can find out more about the Jerichower Landhof on our travel story to Oslo, on day 2 and day 3 (in Dutch).


Jerichower Landhof has a website:


Kailbacherschänke in the Eifel

Your stay in the Kailbacherschänke in Seinsdorf

The photo shows the breakfast room, and it gives a good impression of the atmosphere. At the other side of the door you can go to the bar with tables for the restaurant.

The cafe is used by the local people from the village: when you stay here, you belong to the village for a few days.

The rooms upstairs are spacious, the food is delicious, and the owners are very agreeable.

There is a garage for your bike, and an inner courtyard for a big number of bikes if you come with a group.

What to see

You could visit Schloss Malberg, a nearby Baroque castle with guided tours, or the Gothic church of Kyllburg, which also has (the ruins of) a castle (which you can't visit). In Seinsfeld itself is the Wasserburg, and there is an old monastery, St Thomas in the village with the same name. And thos are only some special places in the direct neighbourhood of Seinsfeld!

Where to ride

Well, this is the Eifel! Just get the bike out and start to ride!

The road from close-by Oberkail to Manderscheid and then on to Daun is for instance a great road. The road from Herforst (south of the B50) to the sout as well. At the end of that road, you can turn right to ride the B422 to Wasserbillig: also a great road.

And when you wander through the region to the north-west of Seindfeld, there are only great roads!

Travel story and review

You can find out more about the Kailbacherschänke in this trip report: Two days in the German Eifel.


The Kailbacherschänke has a website:


Hotel Hirschen in the Black Forest

Your stay in hotel Hirschen in Oberwolfach

This is a hotel with a restaurant and a bar that is (justly so) lso very popular with the locals. You are served by people in local costume, and everybody is incredibly friendly. While you are eating your dinner, both (old) owners will come by to check whether everything is as you wish, and to have some smalltalk with you.

When we were there, there was only a room left which was beyond standard, according to the people who helped us, but for us it was excellent: big, with a rumbling stream as background noise. Apparently, the other rooms are even better ;-)

Your bike can be parked safely between the buildings of the hotel.

What to see?

In Triberg you can relish on cuckoo-clocks: this is their capital.

You can admire the biggest cuckoo-clock of the world.

Ook het Schwarzwaldmuseum is een bezoekje waard.

In Oberwolfach itself is Bruno's Motorrad (motorcycle) museum.

Where to ride?

Oberwolfach is in the midst of the Black Forest. The road where the hotel is itself, in the direction of Freudenstadt, is a great road.

Try to keep awat from the bigger roads (and of the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, which is predominantly straight), and you will always be in motorcycle heaven here.

Travel story

You can find out more about Hotel Hirschen in our trip report to Intermot München (in Dutch): day 6 and day 7.


You can book Hotel Hirsch online through: Hotel Hirschen.


Landgasthaus Gruss in the Sauerland

Your stay in Landgasthaus Gruss in Brilon

This landgasthaus (which you might translate as rural inn) in the Sauerland is family-run, which makes you feel at home immediately.

You may park your bike in the family-garage, there is family-style food, and the accomodation is perfect. The rooms are spacious, and if you are lucky, you get a room with a door to the garden, where you can study your maps in the sun.

Places to visit

Nearby Marsberg has an old center: Obermarsberg, with buildings from the middle ages and Schloss Canstein. Also nearby is Kloster Bredelar.

Brilon also has an interesting old center.

Where to ride?

Brilon lies in the northeast of the Sauerland, which is a paradise for motorcycle riders.

Almost any road you choose here is a great one; if you would like to follow a route, you could choose the Hochsauerlandhochstrasse, for which you can follow the signs. An alternatives is to follow one of these routes in the Sauerland.

Travel story and review

You can find out more about Landgasthaus Gruss in our travel story to Oslo, day 1 and day 2 (in Dutch).


Landgasthaus Gruss has a website:


Berghotel Kockelsberg near Trier

Your stay in Hotel Kockelsberg

Hotel Kockelsberg is situated on top of a steep slope, above Trier. One of the nice aspects of this hotel is that there is a grandios view of the city.

You can enjoy that view during breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you can even ask for a room at that side of the hotel.

The rooms are spacious and luxurious, and the owners of the hotel are very welcoming and friendly. Everything here is cared for to perfection.

You can just park tour motorbike at the parking spot: despite the fact that Trier is very nearby, the hotel is in a very quiet, rural spot.

What to see?

Trier is in walking distance (though the way back is a strenous climb), but you can of course also easily reach it by motorbike.

You can spend days in Trier and see something different everyday. There are lots of Roman remains, like the Porta Nigra, the Basilica of Konstantin (which looks amazingly modern: if an architect would design it today, I think he would be praised by many), the Amfitheater or the Römerbr├╝uml;cke (bridge), and those are only some of the many Roman remains that you can visit here.

Trier has neighbourhoods from the Middel-ages where you can wander around, like the Domfreihof or the Hauprmarkt. There are palaces, towers and castels, and on top of that Trier lies at the Mosel, which means that you will stumble on many "Weinstuben", places to drink wine.

Where to ride?

Directly from the hotel, you can ride to Aach and beyond using narrow roads: you are then in the southern part of the Eifel.

To the west, Luxemburg is easily reached, and when you cross the Mosel and ride to the (south-)west, you are in the Hunsrück: all of these regions are just made for motorcycle riding.

The Mosel itself is not really advisable, because you will always be stuck within traffic, but almost every road around it are splendid.


You can book online at Berghotel Kockelsberg.


Hotel Wilder Mann in Passau

Your stay in Hotel Wilder Mann

This hotel is situated in the old town of Passau, with a view on the Danube, with a glass museum on the ground floor.

You have a choice between a big and a small room (with a price difference, of course); the small room is indeed small, but fine, and the room is in style with the building and the old town of Passau (with angels in gold and such things).

The room for breakfast is at the top floor, with windows all around, so you have a superb view on Passau, on the Danube, and on the castle at the other side of the river.

This is a luxurious hotel, and everything is cared for immaculately.

There is no garage, but you can easily park your motorcycle on the wide sidewalk and fasten it to a lamp post.

What to see?

Passau is a very beautiful town, being situated where three rivers come together: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. From above you van observe that the Ilz (from the north) has a black colour, the Inn (from the south) is green, and the Danube (from the west) is blue. It is here, in Passau, that these three rivers with three different colours, meet.

Of course that fact alone make the town special, but there is more: Passau is a beautiful old town, with some remarkable buildings like the St Stephan's cathedral, the abbey church Mariahilf, or the castle high above at the other side of the Danube, the Veste Oberhaus.

Where to ride?

Passau lies at the southern border of the Bayerischer Wald (in Chech Republic called Sumava). You reach marvelous roads by leaving Passau to the north-east.

Also, there are some signed routes ending in Passau or passing through.

The Glasroute brings you from Passau to Waldsassen in the Ober Pfalz, through the Bayerischer Wald, and enables you to visit all kinds of places where you can observe slassblowers during work.

The Strasse der Kaiser und Könige starts in Regensburg and passes through Passau, and follows through to Vienna and Budapest. The route follows the Danube, which means all kinds of historical remains, starting with the Romans. Many castles, of course too.

Something else is the Bier und Burgenstrasse, starting in Artern (near Leipzig), and ending in Passau. You pass many beer breweries, and again castles.

And finally there is the Nibelungenroute, from Xanten to Passau.

Travel story

You can read more on Hotel Wilder Mann and Passau in the travel story to Romania (in Dutch), day 3 and day 4.


You can book a room on-line at Hotel Wilder Mann.


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