18 comments on “Motorcycle characteristics: Torque and Power

  1. My 125cc bike had 14teeth front sprocket/56teeth rear sprocket.Now it has 17teeth front sprocket/50teeth rear sprocket.
    Will my bike loose torque?

  2. Thanks for toning down all that technical stuff; it makes a lot of sense when the rider monitors the dials with a view to optimise the performance of his vehicle. More so having realised that different models specifications are customized to varied rider environments.. And our experience has a bearing on this inlaid architecture. Good enough this torque @ rpm and power @ rpm does make practical sense in light of the riders intended vehicle function. Your presentation and choice of illustration is great! Many thanks!

  3. Excellent explanation. The best i have read about a topic till date. Thank u very much.

  4. nice information… those will help me in developing a racing bike (4-stroke, 125cc).
    I like the point to estimate the horse power, so simple.
    Actually, I have an experience while modifying the crankshat for more torque (the model was the same with picture of short stroke engine). Then the engine will vibrate extremely.

    From: Nanto

  5. I am a horticulture student who has been learning about torque and power re tools and tractors. This has been helpful-recommended by the lecturer.

    From: Tanya Hallums

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