6 comments on “Ride Report of the Yamaha Tenere

  1. Just to say I bought one and now coming up for 3000 miles on it. Absoluteley faultless! An excellent ride combined with a character all of its own. Very impressed and I have not had it lowered.
    The suspension is bedding in and I will leave it til my 6k service and see whether I feel the need to lower it then.

    From: Ian Woolger

  2. The most useful bike review I have ever read; thanks very much for your efforts. I live in Sri Lanka and will see if I can buy one.
    Do you have any other reviews on the XT660 Tenere?

    From: Graham Smith

  3. Having for many years been involved in Trials riding and now at 80 having sold my business I would love to return to two wheels. Luckily my health at my age is keeping up and as a qualified Scuba Diver and Private pilot the various medicals have to be annually updated.
    I have selected the Yam Teneree for its ground clearance, the 21inch front wheel, for my ambition is to take it along the Mamore road which as you Trials riders know joins Fort William with Callart Falls.
    Now although I intend to take tuition for ROAD USE the worry I have is that compared with the Yam Pinky, my annual Gas Gas bike it is so heavy and HIGH!!!.
    Ok you say ride and see but anyone out there who can ease Sallys mind she says its too big…..
    Ok I can have another Gas Gas but my Trials days are over and really I dont see me doing the UK Coastal trip next year standing up……
    Am I just an old Daft guy,but fellars really I miss the magic of Two Wheels Help Your advice is appreciated.
    Yes I am small 11and a half stone five foot ten as I said a little un……..!!!

    From: Derek Oldham

    • My height is five foot five, and I have chosen the Tenere, and took it to Cadiz in Spain this year.
      So it is possible, but I understand your worries though: I was worried as well, especially when havingto stop on steep slopes…
      What I noticed however is that every time I had to come to a standstill and doubted whether I could keepthe bike upright with only the toes of one foot, I managed easily: the Tenere almost keeps itself upright.
      Also, it feels like the bike is getting smaller every time I climb on: the height gets less, psychologically.
      I really ought to practice on tight manouvring without needing a foot on the ground; for yuo, as a Trials rider,that won’t be necessary I guess.
      So my take on it is that you will do fine on the Tenere!


  4. Thank you for such an informative ride report on the Tenere.
    I currently have a Kawasaki KLE650 Versys, which has been a fantastic bike, but I want a new machine with some off road ability.
    I have sat on the Tenere, but find it a little too high, even though I am tall myself.
    A company called “Metal Mule” have just brought out a set of lowering suspension links for £20 which I think will make a big difference, so I may buy one.
    Thanks again for an interesting site.

    From: Ian Woolger

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