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  1. A very very well written article. Spain is definitely one of the European country where riders love to ride. I also represent a Spanish company named Motolet ( https://motolet.es/ ) which deals in motorcycle clothing including motorcycle suits, jackets, gloves, pants, boots. So this article was very close to my profession

  2. Very useful information, and very encouraging words! I’m shortly off on a 3 week tour with a biking buddy, and have saved the entire page for reference while we are there! I’ve been to Spain a couple of times already, but with a group, so only two bikes this time, and it is only me that has any Spanish! I’m going to have to learn quickly, or we might starve!

    Thanks again,


  3. Very well written prece of Spain. Having been through Spain many times myself on bikes and cars I agree fully with your sensetive theme. The variety of everything is so great that you get multiple experiences every time.

  4. We really enjoyed reading this, it’s wet our appetites and we are planning to go to Spain in May/June.
    see you there

    From: Christine and Terry Locke

  5. I am planning a trip to Spain in the summer on my BMW, and the information is very helpful.

    From: Syd

  6. Searched the www for info for a forth comming trip to Spain. Where to stay? How much? etc etc and found it all on one site. I feel more confident about this, my first Euro tour thanks very much.

    From: RICARDO

  7. This is a very comprehensive site. Thanks and well done for the info. I was wondering if any one alse has any other experience in spain, if they could please share it on the following blog. spainbiker.blogspot.com

    From: Jav

  8. Have been planning to ride from Aberdeen (Scotland) to Spain (to a town called Lillo)in July for a skydiving holiday.
    Will be arriving by ferry into Santander then going west then south through Picos de Europa.
    Have been a bit apprehensive about the ride but looking at your posted photos and info I dont think I can pass up this adventure for another year.
    Great site, useful info, muchas gracias!

    From: Stu

  9. You should also visit Portugal! Specially the north (Minho and Douro) and south (Alentejo and Algarve). Great roads to ride on a bike, the tradicional portuguese hospitality and everything is cheap.

    From: Pratts

  10. What an excellent page, if carlsberg were to make info pages they’d do well to take a look at this one.

    From: Steve

  11. We’re off to Barcelona/France/Switzerland etc in July, and your site has made good reading. Many thanks,

    From: Sam – Inverness, Scotland

  12. Planning a trip to visit friends in Spain & Portugal in March 2008. As all plans include Motorcycles I was doing my research as my friends there don’t ride a lot, when I came across your site.

    I AM VERY IMPRESSED, provides the inform nation needed to make as few plans as possible (no tours for this Florida Cracker) & maximize enjoyment. Thank You for providing a service to riders by riders. I will be very happy to pass along your address.

    From: Old School Bill

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