14 comments on “Tips for motorcycle riding with a passenger

  1. I love to read any tips that I can get my hands on, to improve my motorcycle riding experience. Thanks for sharing these nuggets with us. Please do more and more of these.

  2. Very short ago I had my very first ride on a motorcycle on the back of an r1 sportbike of a friend. At a certain moment he rode 160 mph and also did very fast accelerations and really sharp turns. I really loved it and now I am looking for other fast pillion rides on sportbikes.

  3. l have a scooter (moped) as u know these have a space platform in front of the seat were u put your feet and is about 6 inches from the ground.
    I want to fit a seat on this platform and fix some foot rest for a passenger and for the rider. Any laws to prevent me from riding on the road?

    From: Lionel

  4. when getting off the back of the bike and there is a sissy bar on the back what is the easiest way to get your left leg off the bike. So you don’t look like a clutz

    From: Cinaba

  5. There is need for training materials for riders in Nigeria, because of their uncare attitude when riding motorcycles. Thanks.

    From: Shekoni.F.K

  6. Even within our own country, the Netherlands, it was extremely difficult to find out the exact rules about children and moorcycles.
    It apears there are no explicit rules. Implicitly, the rule that the passenger must have his or her feet on the footsteps sets a certain limit.
    But we did find out the rules in Switzerland!
    The complete traffic rules for Switzerland, in German, are available in pdf .
    About children on a motorcycle, it says:
    – a child younger than 7 years old must sit on a special children seat,
    – an older child must have his or her feet on the pegs, and must sit with a leg on each side,
    – and of course, they must wear a helmet.

  7. Great site
    Any idea on ages for pillion passengers in Switzerland, i have a 9year old and just want to make sure all is ok to take him there.

    From: John

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