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  1. Do you have tips for sterting on a hill. I find it a problem when in trafic to be at a light on a hill then start out.
    I don’t think it was such a problem when I was younger And I have no problem on my tryke but on two wheels it can bring a sweat sometimes! I am 84 on my next birthday and some one said it is natural, I hope not.
    Doc Mel
    PS You have a great website! looking forward to a response

    • Thank you for the compliments!
      Standing still on a hill, you have two options:

      – Hold the clutch while having the bike in first gear. Your foot is on the rear brake. Whe you start to ride, you gently release the rear brake while you release the clutch and pull the throttle.

      – Have the bike in neutral and hold the front brake. When you start, you put the bike in first gear while pulling the clutch (and still hold the front brake).
      Then you slightly open the throttle and slithly pull the clutch, until you feel the bike dive into the springs. At that moment, you can start releasing the front brake.

      Of course, it is advisary to do exercises. The first option is the easiest, but you should be able to ride away according to the second option as well. There are circumstances where that is your only option.

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