8 comments on “Tips for Motorcycle Riding in the Mountains

  1. Wow! Amazing advice, particularly about the braking. I didn’t know about the weight concept behind braking, though in my experience my front wheel tends to lock up more when going down a slope…. So I mostly use engine braking…
    But will try your advice the next time.
    Maintaining an outer circle while turning is something I do in all corners, but very good advice there too.
    I have been riding the hilly mountains of southern India / western Ghats – and surviving everyday is a miracle!

  2. I am planning a ride with my brothers from Nevada to Cali and they have been ridding for years.
    As I only have 1 year under my belt I am a bit scared to go in the sierras but after reading this I feel a lot better, thanks.

    From: Junior

  3. I may soon be moving from Kansas (read: extremely flat) to Nevada, and am excited to ride on mountain roads. I feel like I’ve got a head start after reading your tips! Thanks!

    From: Hunter

  4. I am planning a cross trip from New York to California and back. Your tips were excellent! I was a little worried about traveling through mountains because of a great fear heights, but I think I can do it now.

    From: Glenn

  5. first time on this site – i’m amazed about the wealth of good advice.
    I would just like to add, what was emphasized by the isle of man-dept of transport – KEEP YOU AND YOUR MACHINE BEHIND THE CENTERLINE,NOT JUST YOUR TYRES

    From: Rodney

    • Yes, that’s a important thing to know, keep at the outside of your lane in a cornner. So if it’s a corner to the right, stick to the left side of your lane, and in a corner to the left keep to the right side line of the corner…
      This will give maximum vision, and minimal suprises on one’s own lane (slow camper creeping up a slope for instance)

  6. Thanks for the advice. I for one have had trouble starting out on hills and well, I live in Utah USA where there are tons of mountains. Appreciate the help and great photos.

    From: Mike

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