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  1. Hi, I have recently stumbled across this site and I think it is full of some very useful information. I was lucky that I was taught to ride a motorcycle on a RAC/ACU course back in 1977! Since then I have had a few near misses but I have never fallen off. Early on these were down to youthful exuberance (Read as going too fast) latterly falling driving standards in car drivers particularly I hate to say it, BMW and Audi drivers.
    I still remember the lessons I was taught every day when I ride my bike to work and for pleasure. However one technique I was never taught I would like to share with you that I have used over the years is this.
    When checking your mirrors or looking back over your shoulder when overtaking or exiting roundabouts, keep at least two fingers over the front brake lever. When traveling at say 60 MPH , in the time it takes to look over your shoulder, you can travel quite a distance. If for instance the car that was quite some distance in front of you, has to for some reason, brake hard. Then by the time you have finished making your rearwards observation, (By mirror or over the shoulder glance) you can sometimes find yourself suddenly confronted by a stationary or slow moving vehicle , that only a few seconds ago was traveling at the same speed as you.
    Rather than loose even more precious time moving your fingers into position to brake, they are already poised and prepared to brake if necessary, all that is needed is to apply pressure.
    I don’t know whether everyone would agree, but it has worked for me and I have been riding for nearly 39 years! Great site, I can see I still have more to learn.

  2. Hi,
    I have read through your site several times and have enjoyed your insightful way of getting your ideas across.
    I notice from the comments there are many new riders reading these pages which shows good sense on their part but I have been riding for over 35 years – yes 35 and I still learn something new on each ride.
    Please continue to expand this site – it’s quite fantastic.

    • Hi Jon’ let me introduce myself I’m Karl from Swansea, South Wales UK and I now live in Rhayader, Mid-Wales

      I’ve just joined this site and your the first person I’ve managed to message, to this site looks like it will be of a very safety aspect for all motorists and pedestrian’s. This hopefully will become in my top ten for my web.

      I’m going to be honest with you all. I’m 40 years old now and passed my motorbike test at the age of 17 in 1991 when it was the old part 1 and part 2 tests.
      I’ve been studying about the part for looking way ahead of you and it made a lot of sense to me.
      I was on an A road in my area the night before last night with a pillion, and on my left there was a car waiting to pull out to the right, and it was just turning dark, but it was one of them situations, I had no control over, but the other car had a slight control and lucky for the both of us I did’nt change my speed and the car did’nt pull out or I would’nt be here telling you the story now.

      If anyone here has any knowledge of travelling abroad {Especially driving on the wrong side of the road:( } I be much appreciated if you can let me know what I need and I’m 6″3 at 10 stone and I’m taking a pillion mate he has to find a home for his dog though with me a bit shorter and of same weight and find new lives away from the UK travelling on a low mileage 1991 Vance @ Hines limited edition FZR600 with the square headlight before the foxeyes came out the second time I have been riding all my life licence for over 23 years no faults and I’d like to travel abroad on my motorbike or should I be changing to more of a touring bike, it’s perfect for me but with 2 on it seems fine but this is over a 20 mile journey and seems good after 60 miles but I’m hoping to be doing 100 miles a day has anyone any reccommendsations and I would be out of this Country.

      Would anyone know what it be like to bring an income in, over there as this is why I’m going, TO WORK and ENJOY LIFE not exist and run around for non existing jobs

  3. I have to say, I have been riding for about 2 years now, and I have never stopped learning, this is a very good tool for inexperienced riders. I went through 2 courses, a basic riding course, and a sportbike riding course. As far as the look where you want to go. That is absolutely what you want to do.

    But I have learned that once you learn your bike, you can easily commit to a turn and check your 7 o’clock while in the turn, as long as you look far enough ahead in the turn to judge the right amount of lean and throttle. I live in the US, and I love everything about riding. Thank you for the info on this site.

    From: Joey

    • We’re not really sure what you mean. Do you mean that, while in the corner, you no longer look where to go but only in the 7 o’clock direction? Isn’t that just a simple guideline to have you look where you want to go?

  4. I went through all the pages, I have been riding bikes from the age of 15.
    If I had been earlier to this site , I might have learnt better riding and might have reduced my falls and wounds.
    This is informative and outstanding.

    From: Kathir

  5. Great site, as it says you cant stop learning no matter how long you’ve been riding.
    Good to see sites like this exist!

    From: ninja nubie

  6. This was a very informative site.
    I am a beginner, in the older age bracket, and was looking for information about riding. I am excited about riding and look foreward to visiting it often.

    From: June

  7. I have just passed my test and have found this site informative and useful as i am a complete beginner….a great addition to practice.

    From: Aissa

  8. This is a very good site with a lot of useful information.
    Kudos! I have ridden motorcycles for a year after I got my licence and that was 12 years ago. I have returned now and realized I am a complete beginner I have to learn everything from the start all over again 🙂
    Very nice to find one single place with a lot of information. Wonderful. Keep it up.

    From: Izy

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