8 comments on “Motorcycle travel in the Netherlands

  1. hello Travelling from Amsterdam to Verona next year, around the fist week in June 2020. Can anyone tell me if there is a train we can put our motor cycle on.

  2. Hi I’m going to Holland tomorrow on by bike for a week but I’ve lost my license do you get fined if you not got it on you?

  3. Thanks for all the info on your site. My wife is from Schoonhoven, and we’re off over on the bike for the first time this year (normally in a car).
    Your routes were of particular interest to me. Thanks again!

    From: Mark

  4. Hey, congratulations on such a fine and informative site. We are going to the NL this summer and didn’t really know where to go. Now we do. Thank you.

    From: Roddy

  5. Loved the site, we are planning to visit this year on our Honda 90’s – don’t need big power where the roads are flat! Quite unlike our roads in Wales!
    Thanks for the advice,

    From: Huw and Helena

  6. Very good site – having travelled extensively in Holland it does give an indication how welcoming Holland is to British motorcyclists – maybe even the east side is worth a mention, as Overijssel and Gelderland is a rural area with windmills etc. Very pleasant for MC riding …. and Germany is only some 10 mins away.

    From: Johnnybee17

  7. Hi there, I’m just about to embark from England to the Netherlands on my new moto with my mate and his new moto, I beleive ill be returning to this site regulary!! its really good, keep it up, thx

    From: nobex

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