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  1. hi we are a motorcycle club from Newcastle upon tyne uk travelling to Germany next year for our annual trip We are looking to find somewhere where we can have a base for visiting points of interest from…we are tarvelling from Holland and wish to travel about 300km to a weeks base for day trips to surrounding areas…can you suggest anywhere for us to stay x

    • The Hraz springs to mind: there is much to see, it is a real motorcycle area, with plenty of nice roads.
      You could also opt for the Schwarzwald: you can extend you daytrips into the Pfalz in the north or the French Vosges in the west.
      And of course, there are much more areas…

  2. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble for posting this informative page – especially useful as it is in English!
    I shall be riding to Greece next year (from UK) and will be passing through Germany.
    Best wishes

    From: Nikos

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