21 comments on “Tips for long distance riding on motorcycle

  1. Hi, This is a great site, and thank you very much for the work you put on the site.
    I am planning to travel for vacation, from Norway to Germany in 2015.

  2. Very good article but getting a bit dated and could do with updating around some of the new road legislation in France and Itialy.

  3. Thanks for this useful article. I’m about to embark on a trip from Den Haag to Fermo, in the central part of Italy, and it will be my first long ride.
    Your article was very useful and reassuring at the same time!

    From: Filippo

  4. Buying gas in France is getting easier each year, just a couple of pointers:
    First if you intend to use your credit card abroad make sure it is the new “chip & pin” type. Then remember to tell your bank you will be using it abroad and give dates.
    The cheapest gas is from supermarkets Leclerc, Carrefour etc. The new stations have the “self serve” 24/7 pumps with the instructions in various languages. Some do require you to choose the type of fuel before authorization.
    Happy trails

    From: Ian

  5. A brilliantly written article, thanks for all of the advice. Off to Berlin from UK Monday (25/4.2010), cant wait to use it.

    From: Gez

  6. Thank you for the ideas most informative. Happy riding.
    Regards Malcolm, Australia.

    From: David Usher

  7. A good pace can be maintained on any size motorcycle. It is not the top speed that matters, but the average.
    Riding slower is less tiring than riding fast so you need fewer rests. The result is a tortoise and hare situation.

    From: David Usher

  8. Many thanks
    After many years without a bike and now both myself and my partner and 1 Blackbird heading for the Black sea……some very thoughtful reccomendations

    From: Paul

  9. Im moving to Australia and planning on touring the whole country so thank you for this advice since I am a new to this 🙂

    From: Danny

  10. I’m riding from London to Italy over the Alps so the information you have provided here is invaluable..
    Thank you..

    From: Chris

  11. Great Job and a lot of work to provide the information in both an informative and interesting format..
    Thanks for the effort.

    From: Wm

  12. These tips would work anywhere. I am touring the western half of the U.S.
    Speed adjustments and styles ary greatly just like the people from state to state. All, of this advice is great for anywhere. Thank You.

    From: Shaynna Castro

  13. What a great site, packed with good bits and even tho’ I’ve done this quite a few times I now find out how much I’ve missed.
    Many Thanx

    From: Cliff

  14. You didn’t mention motorcyclist’s position related to handle bar including its parts.

    From: Franco

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