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  1. Read the whole site extremely well written, I have been using motor bikes from age 11 and bikes from age 5, over a time have used 7 motorbikes, recently i purchased a New Honda Dream Neo 110cc for 722 Euros after my old TVS victor was stolen here in mumbai :-), I have stayed and worked in Vienna for 3 years for UN, but did not find ant 100 110 or 125 CC bikes to purchase….

    • Thank you!
      And sorry to hear about your TVS Victor being stolen…
      You are right: it is not easy to find low-cc bikes in Europe (you have the best chance in Italy or Spain, I think).

  2. Hi.
    Thank you for this un selfice job in this grate website. I’m planing to start cykling this summer (i’m 43yers old). It was wery good to read tips and trics on the site. The article about lethet vs gortex was wery helpful, now i know that leather is what i want.

    Wery good.
    regards AK.

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