2 comments on “Tips for clothing for motorcycle riders

  1. Lovely and very informative site. well presented and a good read.
    Some of the links are dead but no matter- easy to find what it was pointing to.
    Latest research statistics on crash helemets (2023) focusing on RISK but NOT protection shows the risk of being involved in an accident are significantly lower with an open face helmet. I was suprised to find the USA style half helmets showed significantly even lower risk then open face. Reasons are unclear.
    Speed limits in France is now often done by private (non government) unmarked cars. This has resulted in a lot slower speeds everywhere in France as people have been fined. The unmarked cars typically go slightly less than the spped limit and so invites overtaking. Ordinary motorists are extemely courteous to bikes and often get out of the way.
    Please feel free to edit this post if useful.

  2. So glad I’ve found your website. Very informative indeed. I can’t stop reading! Your contribution is very much appreciated

    From: Andy

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