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  1. I have not ridden for 20 years and was thinking of returning to motorcycling – I’m 54 yrs old. I used to ride 500s; 700s, but that was almost a generation ago. On doing rider refresher courses I found that my body is not as responsive and quick. Yet, at motorcycle dealerships I was treated somewhat as “odd” for someone wanting to return and was given extreme advice, that is, either a small 125cc to 300cc or a 750cc to 1000cc. The motorcycles I was shown in the large show rooms – filled with the major names were uninspiring. The quality of build was to maximise profit. Things like centre stands were missing; everything to cut costs. Moreover, the salespersons hesitated when I directly asked questions on kw (or hp) – not for the interest of “speed” but that I wanted to know the right kw to weight ratio for safety – I certainly did not want a bike which with an accidental twist of the troddle I would find myself in a speed zone of danger and possibly losing control. I was about to forget it all and give up, that is, until I came to your site by accident and discovered the Moto Guzzi Stone V7 ii (and Special). I had never considered Moto Guzzi as they are rare bikes in Australia. However, your article spoke of their almost perfect balance: performance/style; safety (they come with both ABS and traction control – something only available at the most highend Japanese bikes); the right kw/weight ratios – ideal from your account for a rider profile like myself – I discovered to my surprise that there is a Moto Guzzi dealership near my home (in fact jast 3 kms away)- I had the opportunity to speak to them. It is a family run business and they were wonderful in their customer service (unlike the major brand name salespersons) – further they knew their product and offfered to arrange for me to have a test ride which I am planning in the immediate future. I’m keen to experience the Moto Guzzi “charm” and feel for an older returning rider.

  2. Wow what a great site and packed full of information. Hartstikke leuk en ik ben blij ik had het gevonden – dank je wel.

    Groetjes Anita

  3. I’m not sure how long since you’ve been working on this site but I just want to say how great it is. I spent an hour or so reading about Sylvia’s crash and recovery. It was very moving. Lots more to discover here too.

  4. Thanks for this site. It helped me a lot as it explains all the riding technics very clearly.

    From: Gabriel, Spain

  5. Thanks to all involved with this site best info for all bikers of all ages and models on riding tips cheers from ireland

    From: Tommy

  6. Great site. Very informative. Technicalities clearly explained. Keep up the good work, and best wishes.

    From: Andrew, Catalunya (Spain!)

  7. My compliments on your excellent website. I have been a student of motorcyles for more than 40 years and have been teaching for about 9 of those. I have written a couple of comments which are a little bit critical of some of the fine points, but your articles are very knowledgeable and well done.
    Keep up the good work.

    From: James

  8. This is an excellent website, very useful for newer bikers like myself. Thanks for all your hard work.

    From: Richard Lewis

  9. Love your site. Have taken riding up again after break of nearly 30 years. (so I am an old lady rider..) very informative-thanks a lot.

    From: Catrin

  10. Great site. I’m 52 years old, a recently “born-again” rider (Yamaha Drag Star) and hungrily learning/absorbing all I can about riding from all sources including the net.
    Your site is very, very useful and interesting. I thank you very much for your efforts and generosity in sharing. You were one of the first riding sites bookmarked on my PC. Keep it up.

    From: Himmat Singh

  11. Hi This is a very informative site. Found it through a discussion forum on motorcycle safety.Is there a discussion forum on this site. Looking quickly I could not find one.

    From: Carol MacKenzie

    • Thank you! And no, there is no forum. Maybe there will be one, in the far future, but for the moment, it is just the site.

  12. Great site. Even when you may not feel like updating, remember that people all over the world are reading this!

    From: William (in Japan)

  13. Thanks for all this riding tips. I am a new lady rider of 18 months. This site is very informative and in plain english!
    Looking forward to putting it all in practice and enjoying riding rather than feeling uptight.

    From: Caroline

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