6 comments on “Ride Report of the BMW F650GS

  1. Thanks for the article and review. So my question is, do you recommend the F650GS (Twin) for a new rider, or do you recommend a new rider stick to the single (now called F650GS)? Thanks.

    • The twin is much better for a beginning rider: the single has trouble at low revs, which makes it hard to ride at low speed (while maneuvring or through town for instance).

      • Thanks. Sorry if I seem slow but everything I had read here in the U.S. said the twin had too much power for beginners and recommended the single instead, but your analysis makes more sense and these articles don’t seem to take the brake dive into account as a problem for new riders. To clarify, your recommendation is on the full 52 kW (71 hp) at 7,000 rpm twin, not the 25 kW (34 hp) at 5,000 rpm version offered for beginners countries that have “restricted” licenses for newbies, right?

        • That’s correct: we didn’t mean the restricted version: even the full version will be better for a beginning rider. You should be able to control yourself and not open the throttle completely, of course.
          But the characteristics of the engine are so much smoother than those of the single, that the twin is in fact the more gentle bike, even though it has more power than the single.

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